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Dr Sandie Cavanagh 

BSc (Chiro)

Dr Sandie had her first adjustment at Kennedy Chiropractic Centre when she was 3 years old. Twenty years later, after studying half a business degree, working in a variety of jobs and travelling to the UK, Sandie decided she wanted to expand on her passion for Chiropractic by becoming one.

When she first started working at Kennedy Chiropractic Centre in 2006 (during her pre-chiropractic year of study), she joined her mum Issy and sister Emma as a Chiropractic Assistant.  After completing her Chiropractic studies at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic, she came back to Kennedy Chiropractic Centre in 2011.  Sandie did a small stint living in Brisbane and working in North Lakes at "Embrace Life" but continued to work at Kennedy Chiropractic Centre.  Sandie and her husband Tim purchased the practice in 2017.

Sandie has two boys, Hamish and Fletcher, a sausage dog called Jessie, and enjoys gardening, cooking and spending time with her family.

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ECW 1901115 Website Design - Dr Tracy

Dr Tracy Kennedy-Shanks 

D.C. BSc (Anatomy) (USA)

Dr Tracy started working as a Chiropractic Assistant at age 12, before eventually graduating as a Chiropractor from Parker University in Dallas Texas in 1995. 

Tracy returned to Australia shortly after with husband Glen and has continued to share her passionate approach to practice ever since. Tracy has been involved with the Chiropractic Association for many years including past President of the Qld Branch and National Board member. 

She is involved with the CQ University Mackay and Brisbane courses and sponsors a prize for ‘Clinical Excellence’. When not working she might be found with a paint brush in hand.

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ECW 1901115 Website Design - Chantal

Dr Chantal Henderson

B. AppSc. (Clin) B. AppSc. (Chiro)

Dr. Chantal comes from a family of 5 Chiropractors, and has grown up with strong health and wellness principals.

She graduated from RMIT University in 1999 with a double degree in Chiropractic, and has since competed further studies in Clinical Nutrition. She is passionate about helping both adults and children reach better health and function to live happier healthier lives through Chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle choices.

Having competed triathlon and off-road marathons, (including representing Australia in the World Triathlon Championships), Chantal is passionate about regular exercise, core strength/yoga practices for optimal posture, balance & movement, and in helping to maintain a healthy nervous system and lifestyle. Chantal’s other interests include landscape and wildlife photography. She spends 5-6 months a year in Patagonia, Chile with her photography.

"I believe our daily lifestyle choices have a huge impact on our current and future health. To be truly healthy requires proper nutrition, regular exercise & movement, good stress management skills and an optimally functioning nervous system.”

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ECW 1901115 Website Design - Sue

Sue Kelman (Chiropractic Assistant)

Sue has worked at Kennedy Chiropractic for over ten years, after being a patient for many years. Sue’s father was a patient and she brought her three daughters here throughout their school years. One of Sue’s daughters is now a Chiropractor in Perth.

Sue loves the positive environment and the wonderful patients at the practice. She loves the outdoors, the beach, interior design and renovating. Sue keeps fit walking and doing Pilates classes, would love to be a better gardener and is always planning her next trip. With a daughter living in Belgium Sue is also learning French, although not nearly as fast as she would like to!

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Anthea Rowe (Chiropractic Assistant)

Since 1996 and 2001 Anthea and her husband Dan have been patients of Kennedy Chiropractic Centre. Now with two girls who have seen “Aunty Tracy” since they were 4 hours old, Chiropractic is entrenched in their family.

Their girls, now 15 and 11 years of age, still love coming into the office for their adjustments. Lily is aiming for her first Australian national time in swimming and chooses chiropractic care as part of her overall support in this endeavor.

Anthea joined Sandie and the team as a CA (Chiropractic Assistant) in October 2018. Anthea loves working at Elevate, greeting patients, seeing how chiropractic benefits their daily lives and working with a wonderful group of people.

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ECW 1901115 Website Design - Issy McIntyre

Issy McIntyre (Chiropractic Assistant)

Issy first brought her family into Kennedy Chiropractic Centre (driving all the way from Longreach) in about 1980 at the insistence of her father, who was also a patient. She then joined the team as a Chiropractic Assistant in 2000. 

Issy continued in this role for 7 years then went off to do other things for 11 years and returned in 2018. She couldn’t stay away as she has such a passion for chiropractic and has been enjoying catching up with all the familiar faces and meeting newer ones. In her spare time Issy enjoys Nia, a form of dance movement, and is about to start Yin (stretching) yoga. She also has fun looking after her grandchildren whilst Sandie is working. It truly is a family affair - Issy is Sandie’s mum and Sue’s sister. 

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 IMG_4588 - Catherine 

Catherine Carter (Chiropractic Assistant)

Catherine is a Toowoomba local who moved away for several years but is back in town, and very happy about it too. She is a mum who prefers her work to fit in with family life, and has a varied work background including acute care nursing, recruitment, operations management, account management, among other things.

You will find Catherine filling in for our office ladies, welcoming all with a wonderful smile. When she's not working at Elevate Chiropractic you might see her teaching yoga or working in the music department at Downlands College.

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Lily (Junior Chiropractic Assistant)

Lily is Anthea’s daughter and is in year 11 at Glennie. Lily is receiving work experience as a Junior Chiropractic Assistant as well as helping us out with the extra COVID cleaning.

In her spare time Lily can be found in the swimming pool (although not at the moment). She especially enjoys helping children and having a laugh. She is working at Elevate to understand and experience the occupation of chiropractic and medical assistant to hopefully have a career in this field in the future. You’ll often see Lily with a smile on her face and she is always up for a conversation.

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ECW 1901115 Website Design - Amanda

Amanda Ford  (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner)

Amanda Ford is an Access Bars Practitioner as well as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. She has a special interest in general health concerns, autoimmune disease, complex illness recovery, as well as supporting people and families with disability.

Amanda’s business, Casscade Wellness, helps to give you the lifelong skills to understand your body's own unique conversation style & 'bio-individuality' to achieve functional nutrition and wellness. The unique framework of noticing, recognising and responding, gives you the confidence to explore meaningful dietary and lifestyle changes that fit comfortably into your life, helping you to do-Well.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact Amanda via the details below:

Mobile: 0427 549 335

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Elevate Chiropractic and Wellness Centre.

Other days via appointment only.

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